Abu Shagour: Egypt, UAE call the shots n Libya

  • Libyan Express |
  • Saturday 12 May 2018

Libyan academic Mustafa Abu Shagour (Photo: Internet)

Libyan academic Mustafa Abu Shagour told Arabi Post news website that Moamar Gaddafi did not invest Libyan money inside Libya and that is why the country has poor infrastructure.

Au Sahgour said in an interview that most of the Libyan money was stolen by Gaddafi, his sons and his entourage.

“Arab Countries are assisting us in looking for the looted money, but most of the money is in Europe including Switzerland, not to mention investment funds that own many properties abroad.” He added.

He also slammed Khalifa Haftar as receiving support in his destructive war on Benghazi and eastern Libya by Egypt and UAE in order to carry out a coup on the Arab Spring revolutions in Libya s they did in Egypt.

Abu Shagour also said that it is difficult to have elections in Libya like those held in 2012.

He added that Skhirat agreement placed several solutions to end Libya’s crisis but certain parties, especially the House of Representatives, rejected them, adding that the HoR is “kidnapped” and many Arab countries intervened to fail the agreement.

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