African Union calls for Libya elections on next October

Egypt chaired the African Union’s Summit in Ethiopia (Photo: Social Media)

The African Union (AU) has requested the AU Commission to make effort to organize presidential and parliamentary elections in Libya in October, the AU said in a communique, released on Tuesday, following the two-day 32nd AU Summit, which was held in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa.

The communique says the AU High-Level Committee on Libya has requested the AU Commission to “take the necessary measures, jointly with the United Nations, with a view to organizing during the first half of July 2019, the Inclusive Libyan National Peace and Reconciliation Forum” and to “take, jointly with the United Nations and the Libyan Government, all the necessary measures for the organization of presidential and legislative elections in October 2019.”

The United Nations tried to organize  presidential and parliamentary elections last December, however; the UN delegate to Libya Ghassan Salame warned the UN Security Council in early November that the deadline could not be met and suggested postponing the elections until next spring.

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