Airstrike on Ajdabia kills and wounds a bunch of Sudanese immigrants



Libyan News

A number of Sudanese immigrants in Libya have reported that they do not receive health care, and live in difficult conditions, following an airstrike in Ajdabia by which five Sudanese got killed and 15 others were wounded.
Karama Operation, led by Khalifa Haftar targeted a Sudanese café suspected of containing a weapons store belonging to IS militants, sources told press agency APA on Monday.
A Sudanese resident in Libya told Radio Dabanga that the wounded Sudanese were taken to the hospital in Ajdabia, 160 kilometres west of Benghazi but didn’t receive any care because of the many wounded Libyans in the hospital.
He said that officials of the Sudanese Embassy in Tripoli have not visited them.
“We live in a bad security situation, in which we are often subjected to arrests for no reason. Some are imprisoned for several days and then released.” He added
The Sudanese resident also called on the Embassy of Sudan to support them and help improve their conditions in Ajdabia.

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