Ajdabia Mayor: Haftar Dignity forces tried to assassinate Mahdi al-Barghathi once returned from Tunisia

  • Libyan Express |
  • Saturday 16 April 2016
The Mayor of Ajdabia city, Salim Jodran

The Mayor of Ajdabia city, Salim Jodran

The Mayor of Ajdabia city, Salim Jodran, told Press Solidarity that fighters affiliated with Khalifa Haftar tried to arrest the GNA proposed Defense Minister, Mahdi al-Barghathi, who is a prominent military figure close to Libya’s internationally recognised administration, once he landed in Lebrag airport Thursday coming from Tunisia.

Jodran added that a force securing al-Barghathi foiled the arrest attempt, pointing out that such an act is no more than a crime.

“al-Barghathi is a senior military leader who was fighting on front lines even before Hafatr becomes known to the public, so how come that al-Barghathi becomes a criminal wanted by Haftar knowing that he is nominated for the Defense Minister post in the GNA?” Indicated Jodran.

Worth mentioning that a statement issued by Khalifa Haftar Thursday ordered that al-Barghathi be arrested, saying that he is betrayer.

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