Ajdabiya fighters abandon Haftar’s forces positions over neglect, unfairness

A group of military vehicles of Khalifa Haftar’s forces. [Photo: Social Media]
Media sources have reported that about 20 military vehicles with fighters from the Ajdabiya Operations Room of Khalifa Haftar’s forces have withdrawn from fighting frontlines in Tripoli toward their city in eastern Libya.

According to the sources, the withdrawal of the Ajdabiya Operations Room fighters came after a rift with the Tarhouna-based Ninth Brigade (Al-Kanyat) which is also loyal to Haftar.

The rift was caused by Ajdabiya Operation Room’s anger at unfair distribution of ammunition and arms to the fighters on different frontlines, uneven sending of fighters to the frontlines, and neglect of medical treatment of the injured fighters in field hospitals.

Al-Kanyat brigade is a notorious group from Tarhouna that has joined the fighting with Haftar in his quest for power in Tripoli, opening for his forces a complete supply line coming from Tarhouna to the areas of southern Tripoli.

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