Akar: Turkey’s activities in Libya are transparent, legitimate and in compliance with international law

Turkey's Minister of Defense asserts that Turkish troops are not infringing on the rights of Libyans and are striving to protect Libyan sovereignty

The Minister stated that Turkey would continue to do everything possible to ensure Libya’s unity, safety, and security. [Photo: Archive]
Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar stated that Turkey’s actions in Libya are completely legal, transparent, and legitimate under international law.

Akar added that there were risks to the current peace environment in Libya during a meeting with the Chief of Staff of the Libyan Army, Lieutenant General Mohamed Al-Haddad, and the commander of the Tripoli military area, Abdulbaset Marwan, referring to the European naval operation IRNI which targets the activities of the legitimate government without taking into account Haftar’s coup d’état.

Turkey would continue to do what was necessary for Libya’s unity, safety, and security, recalling that they had come to Libya at the invitation of the UN-recognized legitimate government and within the framework of bilateral agreements signed between the two countries.

Referring to the violations committed by the Haftar militias against innocent people in Libya, including the bombing of the Tripoli military college, the killing of children, and the burial of hundreds in mass graves in Tarhuna, Turkey’s Minister of Defense stated that everyone should remember what Haftar had done and not forget those abuses of power and that Turkey would do everything possible to alleviate the situation.

“We have many Libyan brothers who have lost limbs and been martyred by explosives and mines planted by the Haftar militias, some of whom are being treated in Libya and others in Turkey,” Akar added.

In response to Turkey’s refusal to withdraw its troops from Libya, Akar stated that his country “is not a foreign power in Libya, and is striving to make Libya a secure and stable country led by Libyans themselves.”

“Turkey will continue to stand by its Libyan brothers, with whom it has had a historic fraternity for 500 years,” Akar said today in Tripoli.

“Under President Erdogan, Turkey’s influence and interests have grown, and it has assumed and continues to assume important responsibilities for regional and global peace and stability.”

Akar, arrived in Tripoli on Friday at the helm of a high-level Turkish delegation, which was receiving it as soon as it landed on a base; Turkish military figures drove him to the Turkish military operational headquarters in Tripoli, waving the Turkish flag.

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