Al-Hassi: Oil Facilities Guard and Ajdabia forces to enter Sirte any minute

  • Libyan Express |
  • Sunday 5 June 2016


The spokesman of the Oil Facilities Guard, Ali Al-Hassi, said the operations room of their forces and Ajdabia border forces, led by Abu Thafeirah, are being mobilized ahead of a total offensive on ISIS inside Sirte, saying they are waiting for the GNA’s go-ahead.

Al-Hassi also mentioned that all ISIS militants are positioned now inside the city of Sirte and some of them are in Harawa town, where they will be fought by the townsmen from Awlad Sulaiman Tribe, who formed a force for this reason.

He indicated that the displaced families from Ben Jawad and Noufiliyah, a big number of 750 families, returned after the military engineers unit combed through the whole area.

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