Al-Kufra revolutionaries say Sudanese rebel movement responsible for attacks


The Sudanese rebel movement, Minni Minnawi is involved in the attacks on Al-Kufra lately, commander of Al-Kufra revolutionaries brigade, Adel Eshwishin has confirmed.

He pointed that evidence proves the existence of the Sudanese rebel movement fighters to Benghazi and Al-Kufra.

Meanwhile, Minni Minnawi have denied operating inside Al-Kufra in Libya, saying they have never interfered in a foreign country’s internal affairs, dismissing reports suggesting that Darfurian rebels were spotted nearby Al-Kufra last week.

The SLM/MM in a statement on Monday claimed its fighters have always been camping in Darfur and nowhere outside Sudan.

The movement said it has never engaged in any so-called proxy war in Libya or another country in the region, reassuring everybody that it has nothing to do with what is happening inside Libya.

The Sudanese army claims corroborated by accounts by Libyan officials based in Tobruk suggested that over 30 Sudanese SLM fighters were killed during clashes in Kufra last Thursday and Saturday.

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