Al-Mishri tells Maltese delegation the reality of Tripoli fighting

Al-Mishri meets with Maltese delegation in Tripoli. [Photo: High Council of State]
The Head of the Libyan High Council of State Khalid Al-Mishri has met with the Maltese ambassador to the country and his accompanying delegation in Tripoli to discuss the ongoing fighting in Tripoli and other issues of mutual interest. 

Al-Mishri explained to the delegation the reality of the conflict in Tripoli since April 04, when Khalifa Haftar launched the offensive against the capital.

He also talked about the council’s role in foiling the offensive and defending legitimacy and statehood of Libya inside the country’s capital.

Al-Mishri hailed the initiative proposed by the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj that aims at bringing peace and security to the country .

“Some European countries publically support the legitimate government of national accord, but secretly backing up and funding the military takeover of power led by Haftar.

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