Al-Sweihli meets outgoing Dutch ambassador to Libya

Dutch ambassador to Libya visits the former head of the High Council of State at home in Tripoli (File Photo)
The former Head of the high Council of State Abdelrahman Al-Sweihli met with the outgoing ambassador of the Netherlands Eric Strating in Tripoli on Wednesday.
Al-Sweihli and Starting discussed the current developments in Libya as the former told the Dutch ambassador that there are certain contradictions in the international stance towards Libya’s crisis.
Al-Sweihli also warned of some countries; agendas that aim to militarize Libya and take back to dictatorship, telling Starting that he is hopeful that a new parliament can be elected in Libya to build a democratic state and a unity government.
Al-Sweihli tanked starting for his service on behalf of the Netherlands in Libya as he is leaving his post and will be replaced soon with a new ambassador.

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