Algeria refuses to open its airspace for foreign intervention in Libya


Libyan News

Algerian President, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, rejected requests to open his country’s airspace for the Western Coalition warplanes to bombard IS (Daesh) controlled spots in Libya, indicated well-informed diplomatic sources.

Al-Bilad Algerian newspaper said Monday that Algerian President told Al-Serraj, the Prime Minister of the Presidential Council, to double efforts on the domestic level to boost security inside Libya and thus create a better relation with the neighboring countries, as well as to quickly build constitutional institutions to fight terrorism and prevail security.

“We will not get involved in any world program that aims at carrying out military action in Libya under the pretext of terrorism.” Said Bouteflika, adding that Libyans must find an alternative by gathering together domestically instead if they wanted to terminate IS (Daesh).

Bouteflika concluded saying that his country will commit to coordinating with Libyan authorities only to help maintain the unity and sovereignty of Libya, and it will support the UN-backed political agreement as it is internationally recognized.

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