Algeria welcomes UN Security Council resolution on Libya


Algerian foreign minister, Abd El-gader Messahel.
Algerian foreign minister, Abd El-gader Messahel.

Libya News

The Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abd El-Gader Msahell, welcomed the United Nations Security Council resolution, which has recognized the newly formed Government of National Accord.

Mesahel called upon all Libyans to rally around the UN-brokered political agreement signed in Skhirat. “Because it allows the building of state institutions that is recognized by the United Nations and the International Community as the sole legitimate authority in Libya.”

Mesahel has also urged the international community to respect Libya’s sovereignty and to support the new authorities to address the political, economic, and security challenges – most notably countering terrorism – in order to end the suffering of the Libyan people.

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