Angry protesters stand at CBL doors, call for solution to cash crisis


Many people went out on streets and held a public protest at the Central Bank of Libya’s headquarters in Tripoli, calling on it to solve the current lack of liquidity in commercial banks.

The protesters blamed the CBL for the deteriorated financial and economic situation in Libya, which has distressed people and turned their daily lives into a jumbled-mumbled mess.

“We call on the Governor of the CBL, Al-Siddeeq Al-Kabeer, to act according to the welfare of his country’s citizens and find a solution by releasing cash from the Libyans’ treasury, it is not his money, it is the money of the Libyans.” One protester told the press.

Up until now, banks are either closed or open without cash inside, which has led to an outrageous wave of anger among citizens that is not really a good omen for politicians, analysts say.


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