Ansar al Sharia down fighter jet over Derna


Ansar al Sharia, claims to have shot down a Libyan jet earlier today. The claim of responsibility (seen below) was posted on Twitter feeds maintained by Ansar al Sharia’s propaganda arm (Al Rayah Media) and radio station.


The organization says a special air defense brigade was responsible for the jet’s crash, but no other details were provided. Jihadists have also tweeted image of the plane (see below).

Dignity Operation’s air force chief of staff, Brig. Gen. Saqr al-Jaroushi, told the Associated Press (AP) that a plane was in fact shot down.

The Libyan MIG32 fighter “was striking the positions of IS militants and other militias in the eastern town of Derna when it came under fire by anti-aircraft guns,” according to the AP. Al-Jaroushi said “the pilot ejected and landed safely.”

Picture of the Libyan jet Ansar al Sharia claims to have downed
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