Arab Parliament condemns Turkish threats against Haftar

Arab Parliament rejects continued military and political interventions by Turkey in Libya

Arab Parliament completely rejects Turkish threats against Haftar and his supporters. [Photo: Internet]
The speaker for the Arab parliament Adel bin Abdulrahman Al-Assoumi expressed the parliament’s rejection to the threats made by Turkish defence against field marshal Khalifa Hafter and his supporters.

The speaker stressed the parliament’s complete opposition to Turkey’s continued interference in Libyan affairs in light of recent motion approved by the Turkish parliament to extend troop deployments in Libya by 18 months.

Al-Assoumi noted that threatening remarks by the Turkish Defence minister “all represent a direct violation of the sovereignty of the State of Libya and a flagrant violation of its national security, and a clear violation of the United Nations Charter and UN Security Council resolutions on the ban on the supply of arms and the sending of mercenaries and foreign fighters to the state of Libya.”

The speaker also added “the visit of the Turkish Minister of Defense to Libya and his threats reveal the malicious Turkish intentions to obstruct all efforts to resolve the crisis politically in Libya and its insistence on thwarting the political path sponsored by the United Nations and keeping the Libyan conflict open indefinitely in line with its ambitions for the wealth and capabilities of the people. Libyan ”.

Al-Assoumi called on the UN to take action against the blatant Turkish interventions in Libya despite sanctions and ongoing ceasefire agreement, urging the Security Council to take needed measure to expel Turkish forces from Libyan soil.

He also called on all concerned Libyan parties to take their responsibilities seriously and prioritize the national interest of Libya above personal gain so that a state of peace can be reestablished in the country for the sake of the Libyan people.

He concluded by expressing the full support of the Arab parliament for the efforts being made to finally resolve the Libyan crisis.

The speaker’s comments come after a surprise visit by Turkish minister of defence Hulusi Akar to Libya, in which he promised that forces loyal to Khalifa Hafter would be considered a legitimate target if they attacked Libyan based Turkish forces.

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