Armed brigades fighting in southern Libya’s capital leaves several dead and injured

An armed brigade blocking the road in southern Tripoli (Photo: Social Media)

Clashes in southern Tripoli areas like Khalit Al-Furjan, Salahuddin, Wadi Al-Rabee and Qasar Benghashir have started between brigades securing those areas and others under the seventh brigade that is based in Tarhouna and moved in recent days near the administrative borders of southern Tripoli. 

The two sides of the clashes that were eyewitnesses by many sources on Monday are under the control of the Government of National Accord and its Presidential Council.

According to local media outlets, several people have arrived in Tripoli Field Hospital; some killed and others injured due to the clashes on the southern Tripoli districts.

The Tripoli Field Hospital allocated an emergency number for the injuries of the clashes and announced high alert state to respond to the escalating fighting in south of Tripoli.

No specific details have been given so far for the reasons of the fighting.

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