Armed clashes in downtown Tripoli, Al-Jumhuriya street

Tripoli Special Deterrence Force
Tripoli Special Deterrence Force

Continuous clashes have been taking place in Tripoli since early Saturday morning in many streets in the capital, Tripoli with no clear reasons reported yet.

The armed clashes and gunfire exchange are taking place in Al-Jumhuriya street, Al-Soor road, and Ben Ghashir, without any brigade or armed groups claiming responsibility for the act yet.

Tripoli Special Deterrence Force has refuted the rumors on its own Facebook page saying that not a single vehicle or fighter has anything to do with these clashes.

“We are based in Mitiga airport, we are not taking part in any ongoing clashes at the capital.” The SDF said.

It also added that the brigade that headed toward the clashes is the Sixth Force related to the Central Security Department, saying that those who are clashing are to be held accountable for any harm done to Tripoli.


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