Armed group loyal to Haftar cuts water supplies on Tripoli, west and central Libya

Man-Made River pipe in southeastern Libya (Photo: Internet)

Water supplies have been cut off in Tripoli and some cites in central and western Libya after an armed group attacked the Man-made River pipelines and forced workers to block their velves.

“The department for the Man-Made River Project informs that pumping from water wells has stopped after an armed group stormed the water supply facilities and forced the workers to close all flow control valves and stop water wells,” the agency said in a Sunday statement.

According to the statement, water supply will not be restored until the attackers’ demands are met. It, however, did not elaborate on the demands.

The agency added that the attack would cut off water supply in Tripoli and several cities in the country’s western and central regions.

The statement urged the national security forces and military to defend water wells and the network of pipelines.

Interior Ministry said in a statement that the armed group is loyal to Khalifa Henish, who is part of Khalifa Haftar’s forces.

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