British Ambassador to Libya disappointed with hindering GNA’s arrival in Tripoli

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  • Sunday 27 March 2016
UK ambassador to Libya, Peter Millet

UK ambassador to Libya, Peter Millet

UK ambassador to Libya, Peter Millet, said he was disappointed with the Tobruk Parliament’s failure to approve the GNA, pointing out that the 101 members who signed endorsement for the GNA are not illegible to do so.

In an interview with Libya Roha Al-Watan TV, Millet said the international community will not stay silent towards those who hindered the Tobruk Parliament from carrying out the endorsement of the accord government and those who prevented the coming of international troops to Libya.

He also urged for lifting the arms embargo to help the army and pro-government brigades to fight ISIS and other extremists, saying that Britain is ready to provide political and technical assistance in training the Libyan security forces via the accord government.

Millet refused to comment on the news that says 1000 British troops saying that such an issue is to be considered in coordination with the accord government, saying he feels sorry that the GNA is denied entrance to Tripoli.

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