Car bomb attack rocks Benghazi, eastern Libya

(Photo: Internet)

Over five people were injured as a car bomb detonated at the same minute the convoy of Benghazi mayor was passing through in northwestern the city.

Benghazi mayor, Abdel Rahman Al-Abar, was also injured, but according to media sources citing Al-Jalaa Hospital in Benghazi, his injury is not serious and will leave the hospital tonight.

Al-Abar was appointed by the military governor of the eastern region, Abdelrazik Al-Nadhori, on April 10 in the place of the resigned mayor, Ahmed Al-Aribi.

The car bomb was parked in the same road Al-Abar’s car was supposed to pass through, however, the explosion caused only come material damages and five injuries, media sources added.

Benghazi has been a city of failed and successful assassination attempts since the start of Operation Dignity by Khalifa Haftar and even before that shortly after 2011 revolution took place.

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