CDA boycotting member, Al-Tumi: some members are missing with CDA domestic codes

  • Libyan Express |
  • Monday 11 April 2016


The Constitution Drafting Assembly boycotting member, Muhammad Al-Tumi, confirmed that there are some parties who are trying to miss with the internal code list of the CDA by amending the quorum to make it two thirds plus one of the attendees.

Al-Tumi clarified that such an act is a sheer violation of laws and constitution, pointing out that this could put aside the CDA members from the west entirely because they did not succumb to the tribal and regional calls and to the efforts to shred Libya into pieces.

He called on all Libyans to confront such “a legal piracy” and to go out on streets to express their opinions about this matter, which is so important for their and their children’s future.

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