Ceasefire reached in Tripoli after three days of bloody fighting

Signing of the ceasefire at Abu Sitta Naval Base

A meeting held in Abu Sitta Naval Base resulted in a ceasefire agreement that demanded immediate execution with withdrawal of all military vehicles and weapons from the streets and roads in the capital.

According to the agreement was signed by the Presidential Council’s member Ahmed Hamza, the Defence Minister, Mahdi Al-Barghathi, the Interior Minister, Aref Al-Khoja, and 30 other figures representing Tripoli and Misurata mayors, Misurata elders and notables council, Tripoli High Council for reconciliation and a number of brigades’ commanders from Tripoli, Sooq Al-Joma and Misurata.

The agreement stressed that all the armed groups positioned in Tripoli, mainly the ones of the Salvation Government, should pull out of Tripoli in no more than 30 days to come, adding that all those arrested based on identity shall be freed without preconditions.

“Brigade 301 of the Defence Ministry will secure the Interior Ministry building along with the Tripoli Security Department, while Brigade 17 of the Central Security Department will secure the airport road, where a rival brigade from Misurata is positioned, and the brigades 14 and 155 (Presidential Guard) will secure the Guest Palaces in Rixos area, where heavy fighting took place on Wednesday.” The agreement says.

The agreement also included forming a joint committee from the Interior and Defence Ministries to follow up the evacuation of positions from the rival brigades and armed groups and their relocation outside the capital in 30 days.

No comment was made by the National Salvation Government’s armed groups, who for the most part are the ones to be expelled from the capital according to the agreement.

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