Clashes resume in Benghazi despite claims of liberation by Haftar

  • Libyan Express |
  • Tuesday 7 November 2017

Fighting in Benghazi rages on weeks after alleged victory by Haftar. (Photo: Internet)

On Monday, three fighters from the forces of Operation Dignity led by Khalifa Haftar were killed and others were injured as clashes renewed in Sidi Kharabish in Benghazi.

The clashes broke out between Haftar’s fighters and Benghazi Shura Council fighters, who are still holding out in their last area in the city, which has been at war since May 2014 – the date of the launch of Operation Dignity.

The new fighting is not so new to the area, which has been witnessing intermittent clashes every now and then ever since Haftar claimed that his forces liberated Benghazi in full from “terrorists.”

Haftar has been branding all his foes as terrorists since he started his Operation Dignity, which has so far displaced most of Benghazi residents and killed so many of them as well as destroyed most of the city.

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