Coalition of forces controls key crimes hub south-west of Tripoli

  • Libyan Express |
  • Wednesday 8 November 2017

A coalition of forces from Tripoli, Zintan and Gharyan as well as other districts has seized control of the area known as Aziziyah in south-western Tripoli – which is part of Wershifana province.

According to local media, the forces were fighting armed groups and gangs of crimes and abduction in Wershifana and other armed groups loyal to the “Popular Front to Liberate Libya” that is advocating the return of Gaddafi loyalists.

There have been no official details about the loss in lives and in locations, however; sources said that the road from Aziziyah to Gharyan is now under the coalition forces.

The coalition includes Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade, Zintan Military Council, forces of western zone military commander of the Presidential Council and others.

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