Dabeiba following up with Parliament on the adoption of the 2021 budget proposal

Libyan Prime Minister continues efforts with Parliament to approve the country's national budget for 2021

The Parliament previously rejected the Government’s budget proposal citing that it was too large a number for the GNU’s short time in office. [Photo: GNU]
Abdelhamid Dabeiba, the Head of the National Government, addressed the likelihood of the Parliament adopting the budget in order to cover costs and continue the country’s rebuilding work.

The Government is collaborating with the Parliament’s Finance Committee in order to adopt the Government’s budget after it has been submitted for a second time for consideration; to be adopted in a timely manner in order to begin the government’s work.

New recommendations were made on what had not been reviewed by the Committee of Ministers and taken into account by the government, which then submitted an amended budget plan, according to the Finance Committee, which held its full meeting on Sunday.

The Libyan Prime Minister met with the First and Second Deputies of the House of Representatives, Fawzi Al-Nuairi and Hamid Hameh, to discuss and endorse the budget.

According to a parliamentary source, disagreement over the new budget’s assessment led the Finance Committee to recommend that the budget be cut to 78.5 billion dinars instead of the current amount of over 93 billion dinars.

Because of the government’s restricted working period, which is set to end next December with the scheduled national elections, analysts and experts in the economic situation have voiced their doubts about the size of the budget.

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