Debiba submits a large cabinet to the parliament

Libya's designate Prime Minister submits a list of his cabinet members for approval from the parliament

The Libyan parliament is expected to conduct a vote of confidence session in Libya’s new executive authority this Monday. [Photo: Internet]
Libya’s designate Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Debaiba submitted a proposal for a 35-member cabinet to the parliament ahead of Monday’s full quorum vote of confidence session in Sirte.

Due to the country’s state of fragmentation, the cabinet was and continues to be subject to negotiation between Libya’s two warring faction and according to a Libyan official, talks continue in regards to the possible reduction to the unusually high number of ministers.

According to two different versions of the line up obtained by Reuters, the former deputy to culture minister Lamia Abuesderia is being considered for the position of foreign minister and Khaled Mazan as Interior Minister.

If appointed, Abusderia will be Libya’s first female minister of foreign affairs, in a move, some might consider a response to the backlash the GNU received over sexist remarks made by the PM during his first press conference.

Prime Minister Debaiba would also act as defence minister according to the lists.

The lists also indicated that two deputy prime minister would be appointed from the east and west of Libya.

A full list of the cabinet has not been made public but the house of representatives is scheduled to vote on the list this upcoming Monday in Sirte.

In accordance with the roadmap established in Tunis, Prime Minister Debaiba has until 19 March to win the approval of his cabinet from the Libyan parliament.

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