Delegation from Libya’s House of Representatives to visit France

House of Representatives delegation to visit France. [Photo: Libyan Express]
A delegation from the House of Representatives (convening in Tripoli) is going to visit France upon an invitation by the French National Assembly, Ean Libya has learned.

The delegation is made up of the HoR spokesman Mohammed Sayala – as head of delegation – and Mohammed Al-Raeid, Louai Al-Ghaeb, and Mohammed Wafaa; the advisor on French affairs at the HoR.

According to sources, speaking to Ean Libya, the delegation is going to have several meetings, including a meeting with the Foreign Affairs Committee, deputy minister of foreign affairs and a number of officials and journalists.

The aim of the meetings is to convey the reality of the ongoing conflict in Tripoli since April 04, when Khalifa Haftar launched an attack on the capital.

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