DHRF: Regular organized Russian forces begin their deployment to Libya

Democracy and Human Rights Foundation accuses Russia of not cooperating with the ceasefire agreement and continuing to supply mercenaries in Libya as well as deploying regular troops in the North African nation


The foundation stated that all relevant documents have been sent to concerned parties in Libya, the US, the UK and the EU. [Photo: AA]
The Democracy and Human Rights Foundation (DHRF) in the United States stated that it had acquired intelligence indicating the presence of organized Russian troops in private fortifications near Al-Jufra airbase.

According to the Foundation, the deployment of organized Russian forces to Libya, as well as the Wagner mercenaries revealing Russia’s intention not to evacuate its forces from Libya, but rather to escalate, mobilize, and increase their combat capability, making them a direct threat to both the Libyan State and European and American national security.

The Foundation emphasized the necessity for the Government of National Unity and the international community to create a political and military alliance to confront the so-called Russian occupation and force it to withdraw.

It also stated that it had provided copies of documents, including aerial photographs, coordinates, and other data, to the Libyan, American, and British governments, as well as European Union member states, and called for a response to the so-called imminent danger of preventing the recurrence of the Syrian landscape in Libya and denying Russia control over the country’s political, military, and economic affairs.

Emadeddin Zahri Muntasser, the Foundation’s head, stated that there was no hope of stability, freedom, or democracy anywhere with Russian military bases, or where Russian President Vladimir Putin could control his political future through the right of veto, or where he could influence public opinion through media and online campaigns.

“While Russia has stationed members of the Wagner Group in the country since at least 2017, the deployment of regular members of the Russian armed forces is a clear escalation with serious repercussions for the national security of Libya, the United States and the European Union,” Muntasser said.

Allowing Putin to be a partner in the Libyan political discourse or any political or military initiative, according to Al-Muntasser, is a historic error with terrible historical ramifications.

On July 24, 2020, the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) accused Russia of “playing a harmful role in Libya by providing supplies and equipment to the Wagner group.”

According to the command, the Wagner Group has 2,000 soldiers in Libya. The organization now maintains bases in the towns of Sirte and Jufra.

The United Nations and the international community have repeatedly urged all mercenaries and foreign forces to leave the war-torn country since e signing of the ceasefire agreement last year that stipulated all foreign forces must leave Libya within a 90 day period, an expiration date that has long passed but with no display from any party to depart Libyan soil any time soon.

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