Dignity Forces spent one third of the spending budget

In three years, the dignity forces spent about 9 billion [Internet]

The governor of CBL in eastern Al Bayda’, Ali al-Hibri said that the dignity forces disbursed about 43% of the 2016 budget of 9 billion, 27% of the 2017 budget, and 20% of the 2018 budget.

A triple of the spending budget approved by the bank in the last three years has been disbursed in favor of Operation Dignity Forces, al-Hibri said in a press statement.

According to the governor of CBL , the total disbursed by dignity forces in three years amounted to about 9 billion dinars from the spending budget for the same period, which amounted to about 29 billion dinars.

This comes as a team of United Nations experts issued a report earlier, which showed that the 106th battalion of the dignity forces under Saddam’s command, Hussein Haftar, transported large amounts of money and silver to an unknown destination.

The UN report also refuted previous statements by the Governor of the Central Bank of Casablanca, in which he said that the money was destroyed by sewage water.

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