Dr. Benzeer: For Libya to end its crisis, no one should be eliminated or marginalized

The Secretary-General of the Arab European Center for Human Rights and International Law (AECHRIL), Dr. Ramadan Benzeer

The Secretary General-designate of the Arab-European Center of Human Rights and International Law, Dr. Ramadan Benzeer, said he was provoked by some ideology-driven Arab writers who philosophize and theorize for baseless ideas calling on people to eliminate or marginalize some political parties in Libya, which is totally against the international laws and human rights laws of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Dr. Benzeer said that all laws and international conventions stress the need for including all political parties, social and economic entities in any national project without isolation, elimination or marginalization.

“Libya’s state of affairs is totally different from Egypt’s or Tunisia’s. We can in Libya come up with a project that includes all parties and social components in order to build a civil, democratic state.” He explained.

Benzeer also added that the past years had proved that no single party or entity can seize power forever.

“I wish that all Libyan parties cooperate so Libya can survive the current political stalemate and conflicts and I also hope that the upcoming National Conference will be inclusive so that it can have higher chances of success.” He further added

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