Dutch woman missing in Libya’s capital

Yvonne Snijter (Photo: Twitter)

A woman from Holland, Yvonne Snijter, is missing in Libya’s capital Tripoli, according to numerous reports and calls for help from friends on social media.

The woman was last seen on Friday in a cafe in the old town of the capital city of Tripoli.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is investigating the matter according to social media sources.

According to Snijter’s last tweet, on May 26th, she was heading out to get something to eat a few hours before Ramadan started. After that her usually active Twitter account falls silent.

Snijter is the founder of foundation Al Eureka, an independent education center in Tripoli, according to AD. She also regularly writes opinion pieces for website Joop.nl.

The dangerous situation in Libya is a regular topic in her writing. She was friends with photographer Jeroen Oerlemans, who was killed in a terrorist shootout in Libya last year.

A spokesperson for Foreign Affairs confirmed to AD that they are aware of reports about Snijters’ disappearance and they are taking them seriously.

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