Eastern warplanes conduct 8 airstrikes on BDB locations

Jufra airbase under fire from Operation Dignity warplanes

The warplanes of Khalifa Haftar-led Operation Dignity carried out Sunday dawn 8 airstrikes on locations for the Benghazi Defence Brigades and the Third Force.

The so-called commander of the air force operations room for the central region, Al-Sharif Al-Awami, said three airstrikes hit Jufra airbase, including a residence for the BDB and a weapons depot.

“MIG 23BN aircraft also raided on the headquarters of the military zone and on a farm near Hun old airport, not to mention destroying a number of military vehicles.” Al-Awami added.

He also said that this operation, which is a retaliation for the attack on Operation Dignity forces at Brak Al-Shati military base on Thursday, is still ongoing.

Earlier, the spokesman of the Operation Dignity forces, Ahmed Al-Mismari, announced the launching of “Hell of Innocent Blood” operation to raid the locations around Jufra airbase.

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