Egypt demands UN action against Turkey’s possible violation of arms embargo on Libya

Egyptian Foreign Ministry’s Building in Cairo [Photo: Internet]
Egypt has called for an international investigation into the seizure of a ship carrying explosive materials from Turkey to Libya despite the UN arms embargo on weapons exports to the war-tron country, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said Sunday.

Greece seized a Tanzanian-flagged ship heading for Libya and carrying materials used to make explosives, the Greek coastguard said on January 06.

“Diplomatic missions in the member states of the UN Security Council [UNSC], the permanent mission of Egypt [at UN headquarters in New York] have been tasked with verifying this information and demanding the UNSC commission on anti-Libyan sanctions to investigate the incident in line with Libya’s request.” The Egyptian Foreign Ministry’s statement reads.

Cairo said it believed that the violation of UN arms embargo undermines the efforts of the international community to stabilize the situation in Libya and ensure peace in the war-torn country, according to the Foreign Ministry’s statement.

In the meantime, Turkish officials said they were investigating the seizure of the vessel, which departed from Turkey, by the Greek Coast Guard over allegedly carrying explosives to Libya, Turkey’s Embassy in Tripoli announced Friday.

The embassy also stressed that the ship had permission to transport goods from Turkey to Ethiopia, not to Libya, and that Ankara has been complying scrupulously with United Nations resolutions.

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