Egypt sentences Libyan national to death for “terrorist attack”

Libyan – Egyptian border (Photo: Internet)

An Egyptian military court sentenced on Sunday a Libyan defendant to death over his involvement in the 2017 terrorist operation in a desert area near the capital Cairo that killed 16 policemen, Egypt’s state-run Al-Ahram news website reported.

The court convicted Libyan militant Abdel-Rahim Mohamed Abdullah al-Mismary of taking part in the two-day terrorist attack in October 2017 in the Western Desert near Al-Wahat highway of Giza province.

The attack left 16 Egyptian policemen dead, 13 wounded and one kidnapped but freed later on by the forces that raided the nearby mountainous areas, killed Mismary’s all 15 fellow militants and arrested him alive.

As for the other defendants included in the same case, the court sentenced on Sunday 20 of them from three to 25 years in jail and acquitted 30.

The Egyptian investigation showed that the Libyan terrorist received military training in Libya before infiltrating into Egypt through the Western Desert to establish a military camp as a nucleus for terrorist operations.

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