EU HRVP Federica Mogherini hails arrival of GNA Presidential Council in Tripoli


TheHRVP Federica Mogherini said that the arrival of the Presidency Council in the capital represents a unique opportunity for Libyans from all factions to reunite and reconcile on the basis of the Libyan Political Agreement.

“This is an important step for Libya’s democratic transition and for the implementation of the Libyan Political Agreement, in line with the wishes of the Libyan people.” She indicated.

Mogherini commented further by saying that it is crucial for Libyan institutions, actors and stakeholders, to show support and work with the Presidency Council and the Government National Accord.

“The EU and its Member States reiterate its full commitment to support Libya and to accompany the full implementation of the political agreement, working in close partnership with the GNA.” She stressed.

Mogherini concluded by saying that the EU has a package of immediate and substantial support totaling 100m€ in a number of different areas, pointing out that the implementation will be prioritised upon the request of the Libyan authorities.

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