Flour shortage in Tripoli could lead to total shutdown of bakeries

Fresh homemade Bread

Several bakers in Tripoli have reaffirmed that their bakery shops are on the verge of closing due to the surge of flour prices.

One of Al-Hadba’s bakers said most of the bakers are unable to continue to open their shops for the public due to the rocketing prices of flour and low profit off the selling of bread.

He said he is buying the flour from shopping centers in Tripoli by 160 dinars for the qintar after the national company failed to supply the bakeries with flour.

The Bakers Syndicate Chairman, Jamal Al-Turky told Press Solidarity that there must be a radical solution to help provide flour for all bakeries in the capital.

Worth mentioning that the flour qintar in the national company is 73 dinars, while it is being sold in the black market by 160 dinars.

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