Foreign troops reportedly arrived in Libya, Tobruk airbase director refutes

  • Libyan Express |
  • Sunday 24 January 2016


Libyan News

Media Director of Jamal Abdulnasser airbase in Tobruk, Mukhtar Roufa, refuted, on his Facebook page,the rumors of foreign troops’ touch down in the airbase as it was spread all over the social media.

Roufa confirmed that neither U.S troops, nor Russian or British ones arrived in the airbase, highlighting that the airbase received last year some French military experts as part of a visit by a French delegation to Tobruk city.

“It was not the first time we receive military experts in Tobruk airbase, they came many times to visit us.” concluded Roufa.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that American, British, and Russian troops arrived in Tobruk airbase to help secure the UN-backed government of National Accord in Libya.

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