Former Libyan ambassador to UAE says only military solution can solve conflict

Former Libyan ambassador to the UAE Aref Al-Nayed. [Photo: Internet]

The former Libyan ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Aref Al-Nayed told his own channel (Libya Channel) which is funded by the UAE that “liberation of Tripoli” is in the final stages.

Al-Nayed, who is known in Libya as the UAE agenda executer, said he believes that only military operations can solve the Libyan crisis, saying “Islamisits” have been delaying such a solution by engaging in political solution efforts and elections efforts under the UN auspices.

The Sufi follower Al-Nayed has also said a day earlier that what Haftar and his forces are doing in Tripoli is a way to bring back the “true religion of Islam as known by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)”.

“The army led by Haftar is going to bring back Libya’s sovereignty as all political solutions have failed to do so.” Al-Nayed added.

The UAE is number one backer of Haftar and his military operations in Benghazi, Derna, southern Libya and currently in Tripoli.

Earlier last week, news emerged that the UAE had asked the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Tobruk to appoint Aref Al-Nayed as the Prime Minister of the eastern Interim Government and task him with selecting a new cabinet.

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