French Ambassador: My presence today in Libya is an indication that the situation is moving towards stability

French Ambassador to Libya says that Libya is a country on the rise and the return of French Embassy is a positive sign that will lead to economic prosperity and successful partnerships

The Ambassador stressed that the return of the French Embassy will encourage French companies to return to Libya and invest in its economy. [Photo: French Embassy in Libya]
The French Ambassador to Libya, Béatrice Le Fraper du Hellen, stressed that her presence in the country is a sign that the country’s situation is stabilizing and that the French Embassy’s re-establishment in Tripoli is intended to support the Government of National Unity, as well as the country’s stability and general situation.

The Ambassador stated in statements on the sidelines of the Sarai Bank’s new product launch that she was there to celebrate the product’s launch and that a Libyan and a French company had partnered to provide the best services, which was a beautiful thing that was happening in the corporate world to strengthen relations between Libyan and French companies.

The Ambassador viewed the Embassy’s return as a positive show of confidence in these French enterprises’ ability to return to Libyan territory and cooperate on a variety of initiatives, stressing that Libya and France already have relationships.

The French Ambassador stated that further partnerships are being considered in the future, that a triangle exists between Libya, Tunisia, and France due to Tunisia’s proximity to Libya, and that relations would be enhanced further by the presence of French enterprises, which will facilitate operations.

She echoed the Prime Minister’s assertion that Libya intended to be the greatest in technology, transportation, and finance.

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