General National Congress takes control of High Council of State’s HQ in Tripoli by force


Dismissed General National Congress and its Salvation Government has reportedly retaken the Rixos Headquarters where the UN-brokered High Council of State has been located.

The GNC and the SG immediately announced the state of emergency in Tripoli along with the help of the forces that paved the way for their retaking of the High Council of State’s HQ.

Sources in local media said that the Presidential Council Guard forces, who are appointed by the UN-brokered Presidential Council, were accomplices in the retaking process.

Immediately after taking over the High Council of State’s HQ in Rixos, the Prime Minister of the SG, Khalifa Al-Ghweil, told the press that his government will be starting work in the capital from Saturday and will be responsible for all state institutions in the capital.

Analysts said this move could spark an all-out war in the secure capital and endanger the lives and properties of people as well as destroy the capital’s infrastructure.

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