Germany calls for immediate ceasefire in Libya

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a burka ban in her pitch for a fourth term. [Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images]
The German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Tuesday for an unconditional ceasefire in the Libyan conflict.

Addressing foreign ambassadors serving in Germany at an annual reception held in the Meseberg castle near Berlin, Merkel expressed grave concern about the continuing escalation in Libya.

“Germany supports UN efforts for an unconditional ceasefire,” she stressed, urging all conflict parties to return to the political process.

Merkel said last week’s airstrike on a migrant detention center in a suburb of Tripoli, which killed at least 44 people and injured 130 others, showed the urgent need for an immediate ceasefire.

Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) blamed the airstrike on Khalifa Haftar’s forces, backed by the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

Merkel criticized the role of foreign powers in the Libya conflict and urged all countries to implement the UN arms embargo on Libya.

She said the arms embargo must be implemented to prevent a further escalation in Libya.

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