Gunmen attack Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly HQ to scrap draft by force

Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) logo (Photo: Archive)

A group of gunmen attacked the headquarters of Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly in Al-Bayda city in eastern Libya, holding the Chairman of the CDA and the members threatening them of shooting them dead if they don’t announce backing off on the approved constitutions, media outlets in Libya reported.

The media outlets also added that the armed group is pro-Khalifa Haftar, the commander of Operation Dignity in eastern Libya and they are doing so as the approved constitution has an article that bans him from being nominated for president of Libya.

About two hours ago, the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) in Al-Bayda city approved the Libyan constitution final draft  by a majority of votes of 44 members representing the three Libyan regions.

The sources added that the constitution urges for electing a House of Representatives and a Senate in no more than 180 days from the passing of the constitution.


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