Gunmen attack power plant and cut off water supplies to Tripoli

Armed group loyal to Haftar cut off water to Tripoli. [Photo: Internet]
Water supplies to the Libyan capital, Tripoli, have been halted after an armed attack on the main power plant in southern Tripoli, the administration of the Man-Made River Project said in a statement Friday.  

An armed group on Friday forced workers at the main electricity plant in Tripoli to cut electricity supplies to all of the wells in Tripoli, leading to a lack of running water to the capital and the cities of the central region, the statement said.

The group has demanded the resumption of power supply to southern areas in Libya — currently controlled by Khalifa Haftar-commanded forces, the statement added.

The project’s administration said officials of the UN-recognized Libyan government have been informed of the threat to the water supply in the capital due to the demands.

The attack on the electricity plant is the second of its kind this week.

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