Haftar in Moscow to inform Russia of meeting with Libya’s Prime Minister Al-Serraj

  • Libyan Express |
  • Saturday 12 August 2017

Khalifa Haftar – the commander of Operation Dignity (Photo: Libyan Express)

The Commander of Operation Dignity forces in eastern Libya, Khalifa Haftar, is going to arrive in Moscow Saturday to talk about the meeting with the Head of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Fayez Al-Serraj, according to Interfax.

Interfax cited the Head of the Russian contact group as saying; “Haftar to arrive in Moscow on Saturday to discuss his meeting with Sarraj – head of Russian contact group.”

This visit is the third for Haftar to Moscow in less than tow years.

Haftar has been the favored figure chosen by Russia out of the current various figures on the Libyan scene, with reports that Russia is providing his self-styled army in east Libya with different kinds of support.

Of course, Haftar and Al-Serraj met in a breakthrough gathering under the auspices of the French President, Emmanuel Macron outside Paris in late July. They both agreed on a joint declaration that set the date for elections and for a ceasefire across Libya, which has not happened yet

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