Haftar Forces Withdraw from Murzuq

Hafter Forces withdrawn from Murzuq after fierce resistance from its armed groups [Internet]
Murzuq town’s armed groups have seized 5 vehicles from Hafter’s Forces during the fierce fighting that took place on Wednesday around the town, and resulted in killing of twenty from Dignity fighters, thus they retreated from the town.

Dignity Forces have forcibly entered Murzuq, but they withdrew yesterday, due to fierce resistance.

However, the town’s north entrance witnessed violent clashes, besides, warplanes overflown without bombarding the it.
It is recalled that, the director of Murzuq Security Directorate colonel Alhag Ibrahim Mohamed Kari (aka) Hag Toushi, has been killed when he was fending for his house after it has been stormed and two machines belong to the Security Directorate have been robbed by Divinity Forces and burnt the house.

The town which located in the south of the country and distances about 900 Kms from the capital Tripoli, is suffering a grave humanitarian situation.

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