Haftar’s forces declare control of Sidi Ekhribish in Benghazi

People walk past the abandoned construction site of the “New Benghazi” project. (Photo: AFP)

The Operation Dignity forces of Khalifa Haftar in eastern Libya have declared full control of a downtown Benghazi neighbourhood, Sidi Ekhribish, after the Benghazi Shura Council fighters had abandoned it, according to pro-Haftar media outlets.

Intense clashes erupted on Wednesday in the small neighbourhood in Benghazi between Haftar’s forces and the council fighters after Saiqa Force leader Milood Al-Zway had announced Wednesday dawn the beginning of a battle for the control of the area.

It is worth mentioning that Haftar announced last June the full liberation of Benghazi from what he described as terrorists and Islamists.

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