Haftar’s Forces Refute Kidnap Allegations of ex-Deputy Minister of Justice

  • Libyan Express |
  • Sunday 27 December 2015

الصديق الغيثي


Libyan Express

Khalifa Haftar’s forces rejected the accusations raised by Al-Ghaithy tribe saying that they had kidnapped Al-Seddeek Al-Mabrouk Al-Ghaithy, the ex-Deputy Minister of Justice in Al-Kaib government and the ex-Deputy Chairman of the Political Bureau in Cyrenaica.

The Secretary of Haftar’s office, Khairy Khalifa Omar, said that Al-Ghaithy was asked about in all of the official detention and arrest locations, yet no positive answer was given.

Meanwhile, a source close to the kidnapped family, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed that Al-Ghaithy is detained in a secret prison affiliated with Haftar’s forces and is currently subjected to continuous torture, pointing that Al-Ghaithy has always been open in opposing Haftar’s aims, which he described as “al-Sisi project in Libya”.

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