Haftar’s warplane kills 40 Tubu tribespeople at a wedding in Libya’s Murzuq

Murzuq in southern Libya. [Photo: Internet]
An airstrike by Khalifa Haftar’s warplanes hit Sunday a wedding in the southern region’s town of Murzuq, killing 40 and injuring over 60 others, according to a municipal official from the town.

The municipal member Mohammed Omar told local media that Haftar’s warplanes targeted a wedding for Tubu tribespeople in the town and killed and wounded over a hundred people.

This is not the first time Haftar’s forces commit crimes against Tubu tribespeople in Murzuq as there have been a couple of times over the last months, when they killed and injured many people, burnt houses and even stolen properties and precious belongings.

In last February, Haftar’s forces entered southern Libya in an attempt to control the region and prevail security and stability, but rather they positioned themselves there, especially in Murzuq, for some weeks, then departed leaving the region in chaos and tribal feuds as they supported the Arab residents over the Tubu and Tuareg ones.

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