Haftar’s warplanes bombard ISIS-freed Al-Fatayeh in Derna

  • Libyan Express |
  • Wednesday 18 May 2016


The air force of the Dignity Operation (Karama) led by Khalifa Haftar, has carried out airstrikes Wednesday on Al-Fatayeh district and Aljabal Al-Gharbi district as well as locations in the city’s east coast in Derna.

The bombing hit two positions in the Korean buildings and Al-Fatayeh in the western entrance of Derna and also Alhaseen buildings in Wadi Alhaseen in the east coast , leaving material damage only, according to well-informed sources from Derna.

These airstrikes come after those areas and the entire city of Derna have been liberated from ISIS militants in what reporters see as coordination between the terror group and Haftar’s forces.

Last week, the operations room of Dignity forces announced the launch if Al-Burkan (Volcano) Operation to free Derna from terrorism, as Haftar claimed.

Worth mentioning is that Derna, Al-Fatayeh and all other suburbs if the city are completely tranquil and peaceful after ISIS groups had been kicked out.

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