Head of Quilliam Foundation: Libyan MP Sirgiwa has been killed

Member of Libyan House of Representatives Siham Sirgiwa. [Photo: Internet]
The Head of the Quilliam Foundation Noman Benotman has disclosed that the member of the House of Representatives (HoR) Siham Sirgiwa has been killed since day one of her abduction by Khalifa Haftar-loyal Awliaa Al-Dam brigade in Benghazi. 

Benotman told Libya Al-Ahrar TV Channel on Friday that Sirgiwa was “killed since the first day of her abduction” and urged the Head of UNSMIL Ghassan Salame to challenge eastern government, parliament and Haftar to disclose her whereabouts.

Sirgiwa was abducted last month from her House after her husband and son were shot and beaten by members of a fanatic brigade loyal to Khalifa Haftar called Awliaa Al-Dam.

She has been abducted after she has criticized the army under Haftar’s command and spoke out against the extremists in that army.

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